Technically Specified Rubber (TSR)

PT. Sampit International produces steady and consistent top quality crumb rubber each year. Non-Prebreaker Rubber, Pre-Breaker Rubber, and Compound Rubber are among the finished products ship every week to some major tire manufacturers all over the world.

Each finished products has undergone a quality assurance and a laboratorial test to ensure every product is at its best quality, meeting the Indonesia National Standard (SNI), and customer's unique requirements.


SIR 10

Standard Indonesia Rubber (SIR) 10 grade is a higher grade. According to SNI specifications, to produce SIR 10 means a cleaner rubber or lower dirt content.

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SIR 20

SIR 20 grade is medium grade and also the highest export volume for block rubber from all natural rubber producer’s countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

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Mixture Rubber

To meet the high demand of Mixture Rubber or Compound Rubber in China, we started to produce Mixture Rubber since 2005.

Mixture Rubber or Compound Rubber is a percentage of natural rubber SIR 20 mix with other component, such as Synthetic Rubber, Stearic Acid, etc.

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